Leverage Strategic Relationships into Explosive Business Growth

  • Fish the Big Sharks:
    Learn how to get only the star-prospects as leads. Get a steady flow of sales with our time-proven system, which averages 5% conversion rate on ice-cold traffic.
  • Blossom Strategic Relationships:
    Want to partner up with an influencer? Or perhaps you’re looking for an investor? Become a networking powerhouse and leverage strategic relationships into explosive business growth, all through cold emails

A streamlined strategy that looks simple on the outside, while being deeply rooted in timeless Direct Response Marketing principles

Are you facing any of these challenges right now?

  • Stagnant sales from the wrong type of customers?

  • Looking for the right partnership that could boost your growth?

  • Exploring for an investor that can fuel your fire?

Do any of these ring a bell? 

Now, answer me: when you’re hustling for any of the above, do you:

  • Feel lost, as you’d probably need lots of time and thousands of dollars before you figure out how to reach these goals?

  • Buy a list, or just “scrape” a bunch of email addresses online to see if you can find any gold nuggets among a lot of junk?

  • Get lots of nasty replies such as the lovely “f*ck you, spammer”? 

  • Or maybe you get no replies at all, no matter how much you try?

Well, it’s no surprise. The old way of doing outreach doesn’t work anymore. You see, there was a time when people eagerly opened each and every single email they got. But that ship has looong sailed.

Nowadays, sending a random email and hoping it will bring in the dough is like betting on a three-legged horse. You’re just never gonna win.

I call it the “see if anything sticks” tactic. And you might be saying “but company XYZ spams me everyday, so it must work”.

Yeah... this might actually work for big brands, which have: Brand recognition and authority built up over several years. A legion of fans who talk them up no matter what. But it’s very unlikely that “anything will stick” for you.

Besides, that strategy is just wrong. People will tag you as a spammer. Your “email karma” goes on a free fall, and your emails start hitting more and more spam boxes. Until your outreach efforts become “firing blanks.”

Nah, you don’t want to deal with all that crap.

You want a system that’s been proven to bring home the bacon, over and over again. A streamlined strategy that looks simple on the outside, while being deeply rooted in timeless Direct Response Marketing principles.

Wouldn’t you rather learn...

All the different ways you can use cold email to grow your business - Imagine acquiring a “chameleon” skill that adapts to whatever you need to achieve: more sales, JVs, press coverage… you name it.

The quickest and cheapest way to build a killer email list of red hot leads, full of the best prospects - You too can build lists that yield more money, while scoring dream clients or partners (and you can start it with zero money down)

How to write emails that leave prospects begging for more - Stop being seen as a spammer. You’ll get people thanking you for reaching out - and reap more results along the way!

Today, I’m going to show you how to claim the money hidden in the free tools you already own. You’re sitting on a goldmine worth of data. You just need the right tools to mine them out.

No need to spend thousands of dollars. You can get started for free and only invest in strategic scaling tools once it’s time (I’ll teach you all about those tools, too).

In fact, this is the same strategy I used to grow one my businesses from 0 to $1.2 million in 18 months.

Why Choose Cold

Email Academy?


Discover the quicker, cheaper way to strategically develop your business. We’ll show you a strategy that can land dream clients, partnerships, investors, get the attention of the media, and much more.


With our prospecting methods you won’t waste time with tire-kickers. We’ll show you how to create red-hot lists with only the best prospects - even if you have zero budget!


Use our proven methods that get us an average of 70% open rates, and a 5% close rate - even on ice-cold traffic. Stop being ignored and start getting results like a boss


Secrets, tactics and tips that will help you avoid common mistakes, and get past the learning curve fast - so you can start reaping your rewards ASAP. Plus, you can join the Outreach Lab - the cold email secret community full of cold-email and business experts ready to jump in and help your business bloom.

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What Our Students Are Saying:

"Mike’s email system has helped us tremendously to add new acquisition and revenue streams." 

Robbie Jack

CMO Fitbot

"Mike’s cold email system helped me land meetings with buyers at some of the top retailers, including Whole Foods Market."

Scott Weavil

Attorney and founder of Bumpbar

Get Two of Our Trade Secrets for FREE

With these 2 step-by-step checklists you’ll learn:


  • The critical data you should have for each prospect. This will allow you to write emails that feel personal and get replied to
  • The different tools you can use to leverage your time, so that you can find higher quality leads faster
  • How to claim the hidden money in the free tools you already have access to - such as Linkedin, Google, Twitter, Slack, and more

Cold Emailing :

  • The right mindset and positioning to make sure your emails get read - and replied to
  • How to write headlines that call out for attention and get your cold emails opened
  • 2 proven formulas for writing emails so good that they get thanked for
  • Personalization tricks to lower the “I don’t know you” psychological barrier, allowing you to build instant connection
  • How to position your call to actions in order to get more prospects to respond and move further down your funnel

Ready to write first-class cold emails to five-star email lists?